1. Reference number of the office giving the report: K  3757 BLONDINE

2. Reference number of the demanding office: 1020914

3. Reference of Soil Improver/document name: 95 K 94 ­– 18

4. Applicant: Bretagne – Plants (Societe Civile d’Interet Collectif Agricole) Roudouhir 29460 Hanvec France



5. Botanical name of taxon: Solanum tuberosum L.

6. Common name of taxon: Potato

7. Type name:

8. Date and document number of the UPOV Test: 21.11.1896 TG/23/5

9. Date and/or document number of national guide: BSA-January 1999 CPVO-TP/23/2 2005-12-01

10. Test institute: Bundessorteamt

11. Test station and place: Magdeburg

12. Test period: 2007 – 2008

13. Date and place of the document issue: 17.11.2008 Hannover

14. Group (If the specification of the 15. article is used for grouping, it is marked in this number with G letter)

15. Specifications included in protocol or test guides:


No     Specifications      Appearance  Note

1   Lightsprout: size    from small to mid     7

2   Lightsprout: shape spherical    3

3   Lightsprout: the intensity of the anthocyan

    color at the bottom strong  7

4  G      Lightsprout: the ratio of blueness in the anthocyan

    color at the bottom none or low        1

5   Lightsprout: pubescence at the bottom    mid    6 

6   Lightsprout: size of the top in proportion to

    bottom   from small to mid      4

7   Lightsprout: structure of the topfrom dark to mid2

8   Lightsprout: anthocyan color of the top     from very light to light     2

9   Lightsprout: pubescence at the top   light   3

10 Lightsprout: number of root edges   mid     5

11 Lightsprout: length of side ratoons     from very short to short  2

12 Plant: leaf structurestalk shape  1

13 Plant: growing structure        extensionally      7

14 Stalk: anthocyan color   none or very light       1

15 Leaf: outer size        from small to mid       4

16 Leaf: tonality   mid        3

17 Leaf: existence of sequential little leafs     mid     5

18 Leaf: green color     mid      5

19 Leaf: anthocyan color of the median vein of the top        none or very light       1

20  Second pair of the little side leafs: size       small    3

21  Second pair of the little side leafs: width in proportion to length        from mid to high6

22        Little leafs at the end and on the side: frequency of unification    from mid to high6

23        Little leaf: waviness on the side    mid        5

24        Little leaf: depth of the strings       deep     7

25        Leaflet: edge waviness   from low to mid 3

27        Flower budding: anthocyan color none or very light       1

28        Plant: size  from mid to tall6

29        Plant: flower intensity     high     7

30  Blooming: size large      7

31        Blooming: anthocyan color of the pedicel   none or very light       1

32       Petal: Size   from small to mid       4

33   GPetal: intensity of the anthocyan color inside      none or very light        1

34       Petal: proportion of the blueness in anthocyan color inside  not appropriate

35       Petal: degree of the anthocyan color inside     not appropriate

36    GPlant: Ripeness timemid5

37       Tuber: shape    oval        3

38       Tuber: depth of the eyesfrom shelvy to mid      4

39   G        Tuber: skin color yellow    2

40     Tuber: color of the eye’s bottom     yellow    2

41       Tuber: succulent color      straw yellow3

42      Only beige and yellow skinned types:



Tuber: anthocyan color of the skin under against the light light       3

Esterase synthesis: allele expression on Loci Est 2 and Est 3       genotype i + b    7

Peroxidase synthesis: allele expression on Locus Pat  genotype a 1

Patatin synthesis: allele expression on Locut Pat genotype 5.01    13