SÜRDE TARIM was founded in 2002 in association with Proto Torum which is in the business of vegetable seed growing. Sürde Tarım co. ltd. started its activities with 3 potato seed growing research centers located in France. These foundations are Bretagne Plants, Comite Nord and Groceğ research centers. The companies, which work with these foundations and whom we represent are listed below:

1 – Eloron Plants, France
2 – Gopex Sa, France
3 – SİAC, France
4 – Kervegant, France
5 – C.A.H.B.V., France
6 – Semantis, France
7 – Maritim Plants, France
8 – Coopagri, France
9 – Lange, Germany
10 – E:F:E seed, Austria

Main goals:

To create new species being aware of the fact that everything starts with a good seed by using the highest seed growing technologies. Upon this purpose, the company provides the adaptation and introduction of the seeds that are suitable for the market of our country, finds the ones with higher profit and gives the technical information about the produced seed to the manufacturers. Aiming to this, we have built the R&D infrastructure for potato seed growing and started the breeding program.

Our Mission,

is to improve our overall quality being aware of “OURSELVES” by keeping human honor and importance above all and giving confidence.
Under all relations of SÜRDE TARIM, there lies trust and faith.
This is provided by the trust and faith in all tasks performed within the Company, fellow workers and the individuals themselves.

People working in our company are the most valuable wealth.
The executives and employees within our company are people who show mutual respect to each other, have sense of responsibility, work devotedly and comfortingly not only for themselves but for the organization and environment.

Each individual in the company thinks how to make what she/he makes better and tries to reach the excellence. While improving their skills, improving the ones around and the company is a life style for them.

Even though the ones working in our company have different tasks and responsibilities; they are equal in terms of honor, significance and human rights.




Being honest in word and action. Otherwise it is not possible to protect the concept and values of Sürde Tarım.

Being moral and consistent in each case.

In each phase of the production Proto Tohum offers reliable food; efficient, trustworthy, high quality products and services in order to determine the needs correctly.

It is the highest priority to care about the values of the community and individuals. Providing it is only possible in a working environment where the rights of the workers are protected and the improvement of them are supplied.

Providing a working environment, which beseems modern people, where the honor and rights of the individual is protected, no discrimination for the justice and facilities takes place.

We accept responsibilities in accordance with the company policies.